2020: The Year that was

Reliving pop culture moments of 2020

2020 was an unconventional year for us all with twists and turns at every corner. We take a look back at this mad year with some pop culture moments, some you may have even forgotten. For the year that was 2020. 

1.Tiger King

It feels like donkey ago but who could forget the social media storm that was Tiger King. At the time it was so hyped it trended regularly on social media, soon after we kind of realized that there were no real good guys and nobody to root for. And if you think Tiger King ended with the Netflix docuseries you would be mistaken. This story keeps going with Joe exotic writing to Kim Kardashian West with his plea for clemency Carol Baskin appearing on DWTS US and Nicholas Cage set to play Joe in a spin-off Tiger


2. Banana Bread

Nobody knows how the trend started, why it started on when it started but banana bread was all that was trending for a period of time online. From influencers to children everyone was on this bandwagon. Thankfully we have hit banana bread fatigue and people are spreading their wings with baking. 

3. Sea Swimming

Sea swimming and dry robes came to prominence this year. With a huge push on exercise when your only escape from the house was going to the supermarket, sea swimming totally took off. Hot spots like the 40ft, Vico baths, Seapoint and Portmarnock allowed for a dip in the refreshing Irish Sea. 

4. Matt Damon; The honorary resident of South Dublin

Just popping into the local Supervalu or down for a swim you might be one of the lucky residents to run into Matt Damon who was sticking out the lockdown here in Dublin. This became such a talking point that he was given a key to Dalkey and welcomed with open arms by the locals as he stayed in his lavish seaside rental. He was a true spirit and promised he’d be back to his new favourite place.


5. Parasite takes over the Oscars 

On the night of the Oscars Parasite took home 4 of the major titles including Best Picture, becoming the first non-English film in the academy’s history to do so. It tells the story of two Korean families from different social backgrounds trying to climb or falling down the social ladder. If you have not yet seen this movie I highly recommend it. The comedy is funny, the thriller will have you on the edge of your seat and its social commentary is telling. It ticks the box as a well-rounded movie. 

7. Zoom Quizzes

Who could forget the phenomenon that was zoom quizzes that slowly died a death? Let’s be real, we are very lucky to have the technology we have to be able to keep in contact with friends and loved ones all over the world. And minus a few horror stories zoom has been a friend to most in 2020. I don’t remember my first or my last zoom quiz and while they were fun I can safely say that zoom quiz fatigue has hit me hard.

8. Street Bingo

This trend started in the Ringsend flats with a video spreading nationwide of residents playing bingo from their balconies. The heartwarming event when community spirit was growing, gave streets around the country some time to come together at a distance and have a bit of fun. 

9. Megxit

Dubbed Megxit, Harry and Meghan just had enough and packed up and moved to Vancouver. An announcement that was shocking in itself but did not shock many. While still carrying out a lot of their charity work and returning to somewhat of a normal life they have decided to raise baby Archie in Canada 

10. Super Bowl halftime show

The Superbowl halftime show is considered one of the highest accolades a performer can reach. 99.9 million viewers tuned in to the game itself while over 103 million people tuned in worldwide to watch Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. All controversies aside this powerful performance by to Latin women chosen to reflect the Latin Culture Miami boasts was undoubtedly a powerhouse performance. 

11. Billie Eilish sweeps up the Grammys

Following in the footsteps of many greats that came before her, Billie Eilish swept up 5 grammies on the night finishing it off with a great performance with her brother Finneas. Although she has been on the music scene for a few years 2019/20 was a breakout year and shot her to worldwide fame. 

12. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston 

The love affair that has kept pop culture vultures talking for longer than the marriage actually lasted. In 2020 Jennifer Aniston turned 50 and threw a lavish but very under wraps 50th birthday celebration but one special guest was in attendance. Although there were many of her exs there social media only really cared about Brad. Will they ever get back together? My prediction is no, leave it in the naughties although I do enjoy the fantasy commentary online. 

13. Claire Byrne broadcasting from her garden shed

Claire Byrne wasn’t going to let anything stop her from casting herself into our living rooms to cover what happened that week in Ireland. Commended for her dedication to honest and up to date journalism, she came to us live in her garden shed due to her self isolation. It really was commended by most. 

14. Surprise album drops

2020 was the year of surprise album drops, some were said to flop and some flourish. With concerts and music events canceled worldwide many artists struggled to produce new music but at the beginning of the year we saw a surprise album from British pop queen Dua Lipa titled Future Nostalgia. Leading with one of the songs of the year Don’t Start Now. Then later on in the year, Ariana Grande drops Positions the single with a few easter eggs to announce a full album drop to coincide with her new documentary on Netflix. And to finish off the year Taylor Swift. She didn’t just drop 1 surprise album she dropped 2.

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