Meet The Makers Series: Purple Cloud

Purple Cloud is an Irish-based business with an organic farm based in Bulgaria. They offer premium lavender-infused gifts, harvested from beautiful Bulgarian lavender fields and distilled in Kilkenny.

Purple Cloud is owned by Ian and Anife Dowling. They met while on holiday in Bulgaria and after a lot of traveling back and forth between Ireland and Bulgaria, an amazing opportunity arose for them to purchase land near the Black Sea in Bulgaria, which is close to Anifes home village. After careful planning, they were able to plant their first lavender fields. They began harvesting and producing their first products for the tourist market in Sunny Beach and from there, their business has grown and grown year on year, with over 300 acres to date which they farm and produce all products entirely themselves.

Ian tells us how he always had a passion for farming and dreamed of owning his own farm, but with the cost of land in Ireland so high, never believed that owning a farm could be a reality. Today, his interest in business,his artistic nature, and his passion for organic farming have led Ian and Anife to develop a thriving business, supplying premium lavender gifts to customers all over the world.

Ian and Anifes use production methods that are bio-friendly and they work with nature to protect the wildlife needed to pollinate the plants. They are fully committed to involve and support the organization to anywhere in the world so that our customers benefit from a high-end service from A to Z. They explain “Here at Purple Cloud Natural Lavender Oil, the desire to distribute truly good products is what unites us and makes us partners not only in business but also in taking care of nature”.

You can shop the Purple Cloud range here

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