5 Great Gifts From Ireland

Here at Carrolls Irish Gifts pride ourselves on our “Best for Quality, Best for Value”. It can be tricky trying to bring back presents for family and friends as everyone has different tastes. So to help you get an idea of what you could bring lets look at 5 ideas for gifts to bring home to your loved ones from the Emerald Isle

Guinness Foods

guinness choclates

The perfect gift for a lover on the good black stuff Carrolls have a wide range of Guinness flavoured goodies from Crisps to Steak sauce. One of our more popular sweet items is the Guinness fudge; it is sweet, soft and reminds the eater of the black stuff without having to sit in a pub with a pint of Guinness. We sell bags of the fudge or a box of fudge whichever you would prefer to give as a gift

Irish Knitwear

aran sweater

We also do a wide range of Irish knitwear the perfect gift for the cold weather and to have a little piece of Ireland to keep you warm during the cold weather. Merino Wool Sweaters, this wool is soft and finely crimped to give the lovely patterns in all the sweaters and scarves Carrolls sell to our beloved customers. One of our most popular sweater is our range of Boyfriend cardigans, these cardigans are soft and comfortable just how your boyfriends clothes would feel like if ever you take them off him, these are unisex of course the brand type is a boyfriend cardigan, the perfect one for the cold months no matter where you live!


pint glasses

Pint glasses are the perfect gift for any occasion, you don’t have to use them with alcohol you can use them for anything you wish! We have a wide range from single pint glasses to double pint glasses even mini ones for ornamental purposes or for use! We also sell tankards that are also a great gift for anyone! We sell glass ones, ceramic ones as well as freezer ones the freezer ones help keep your drink cold for up to 2 hours + Our most popular one says “Greetings From Ireland” this one is perfect to show your loved ones that you were thinking of them in Ireland. You can also get a select range engraved to really show your loved one that you were thinking of them!

Irish T-Shirts

Irish T-Shirt

The perfect gift for all ages! We have a wide selection of women’s, men’s and kids. We sell a kids t-shirt with a tri-colour batman symbol which also comes in men’s size as well as an adult size hoodie! The perfect gift from the Dark Knight of Ireland! We also have kids t-shirts with a leprechauns body which in turns seems like your child has a leprechaun’s body, the perfect gift for the young so they can look like they themselves have been to Ireland. Our women’s t-shirts range is perfect for any Irish girl around the world!

Irish Key Rings

Irish Keyring

The most sought after Irish gift for anybody! What better way to show you care than giving them a keyring from the Emerald Isle that shows their love of Ireland, from our wacky woolies range to our wooley jumpers range we also have a gift from Ireland range which has two types of leprechauns to give to the jokester of your group as one of the keyrings has “Pog Mo Thoin” which is a very common saying in Ireland. We also have a wide selection of initial keyrings and name ones to make the gift more personal.

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