A Guide on Storing Sweaters

In our recent blog, we had discussed how to wash wool sweaters by giving you all useful hacks to wash and shrink your sweaters without damaging them. If you haven’t read the blog, you can read it from here ‘How To Wash Wool Sweaters‘. Storing your sweater is as important as washing it and this blog will be providing you with a useful guide on how to properly store your washed wool sweaters.

Yes, it is winter. We all are feeling the cold and are getting our sweaters out to feel cozy. We won’t be taking out all our sweaters at the same time, even if you do you will need to store them somewhere until they will be used. aran irish sweaters are something which should be carefully taken care of in order to increase their longevity. If that be the case for washing or even storing. Sometimes, people tend to give importance to just washing and not storing. Washing is important for aran sweaters but if it is not stored properly it won’t do any good. So here are some useful tips on storing sweaters on and off seasons so that when you take them out next time they would still be in perfect condition.

  1. Declutter your closet 

Before starting to think about storing your sweaters, you should have already planned where you are going to store them. The closet is the most obvious choice and that’s why it is being mentioned first. But before putting your wool sweaters in the closet, you should spend some time decluttering them in order to make space for your lovely aran knit sweaters. If you find it hard to find space, you can get rid of your 10 years old college sweaters and clothes or anything you haven’t worn because of fit issues can simply be donated.

2. Folding your sweater right is the key

Folding is an art and you have to master that art to keep your aran wool sweaters in good condition. Folding is the best way to store your wool sweaters which helps them to keep their shape and prevent any wrinkles.

Fold your sweaters by following these simple steps

  • Lay the sweater front-facing
  • Fold sleeves inwards by making the cuff opposite from the shoulder. Make the same to the other sleeve.
  • Make it smooth by getting rid of the wrinkles
  • Roll the hem of the garment by bringing it towards the neck.
  • Use elastic bands to make the rolling secure if needed. Both the ends of the roll should be bought together to form a circle.

3. Be careful when hanging! 

It should be noted that your aran irish sweaters don’t deserve to be hanged! This means it should be folded and stored. You could try hanging them if they are made of soft wool and don’t weigh much. But still, it shouldn’t be hung in a wire hanger which could potentially damage aran knitting and also stretch them apart. Instead, use a wooden hanger which would be a safe bet. Being said that, it is advised to not hang it and go for rolling and storing it in your drawers or closet.

4. Filling method 

Filling wool sweaters in the drawer is the perfect alternative to hanging. As mentioned already, folding is the best way to store your sweaters, and storing them folded in a drawer is the way to go. It is getting cold and we all need to have easy access to our cozy sweater collections. This filling method allows us to easily pick the sweater when needed and also avoid damaging it. One thing to consider while filling your clothes into the drawer is that they shouldn’t be stacked on top of one another. They should be placed vertically and it gives your drawer more space and visibility.


5. Other options 

So you might have already come to a point where you have enough tips on how to store your aran irish sweaters. As a bonus, we are also suggesting a few more storage ideas as well.

Vaccum-Packed Bags 

Vaccum-packed bags can be very handy not just for traveling purposes but for storing your sweaters at the same time giving you more space and width. These bags will also protect your sweater from moths and dust from damaging it. One important thing to make sure of when using a vacuum-packed bag is that reseal them once for getting air and moisture into the bags.


Cloth Storage Bags 

Cloth storage bags are made with breathable fabric and it allows your aran sweaters to breathe. These cloth storage bags come in different shapes and sizes and can also be a stylish way to store your sweaters by not messing up your closets and drawers.

Boxes and Bins

An easy option would be boxes and bins and a storage container would be the best bet. It will be cheap and easily accessible as well. A collapsible cotton bin would also suit storing sweaters as it allows the sweaters to breathe and also keep dust and pests out. Try putting the heaviest ones on the bottom and the rest on top of it to not tear the bin.

We hope to cover everything you need to store your favorite wool sweaters. Enjoy the winter season and stay cozy!



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