A Guide to Winter Walks in Dublin

Our Top five locations for a weekend stroll

A brisk winter walk is key to a fresh head-on an early morning or weekend. With the current situation in Ireland, we thought it would be apt to offer a tip list on our hotspots to hopefully avoid that ‘well where do you want to go’, ‘I don’t know you decide’, conversation. In no particular we have offered some of our favourite places in Dublin for a Winter Walk, being in no particular order and weather permitting of course.



Stephen’s Green Park 

In the Heart of Dublin City lies Stephens Green Park, officially opened to the public in 1880 and used throughout the 20th century as a playground for young kids in the inner city. Its beautifully kept lawns and blossoming flowers even in winter is a picture-perfect scenery, with many routes through the park and lots of benches to chill out. Perhaps the perfect spot for your Instagram story is the bandstand on the south side of the main gate.

Closing time Oct-Dec: 6.30pm approx


Herbert Park

In the centre of Donnybrook/Ballsbridge Herbert Park is a small residential park that pays homage to the small residential parks in central London. Back in the 20th century, they were private entries only with a key given to any surrounding residents. With a children’s playground, bowling green and tennis courts to the north of the park, on the south there are plenty of paths surrounding the football pitches. Not happening at the moment, but on game nights you may even hear the crowd in Donnybrook stadium.

On the south side of the park, there is the bandstand, duck ponds and formal gardens. On Weekend days Herbert park also hosts a market that caters to all dietary needs, the smells in the air on a weekend in the park are beautiful.



Killiney Hill Park

Killiney hill park is the perfect mixture of a walk in the park and coastal views. With a couple of route options like the side loop which takes you along the cliff or a less hilly walk around one of the paths in the park. A huge perk for this park is it is dog friendly, and I know you are asking what parks are not dog friendly but the Tower Tea Rooms have traits and dog bowls with outdoor seating so you and your pooch can enjoy a hot drink. Like the ones in our tea hamper.

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours



The Hell Fire Club

The Hell Fire club sits on top of Mount Pelier Hill in the Dublin Mountain. It is known as the Hell Fire Club for the ruined building at the top often thought to be one of the first Freemason lodges in Ireland. With this comes many fables of events that took place in here including a sighting of the devil, some believe that you should only visit during daylight because of these. Once you reach the hill there are 2 main trails, the Forest loop which is the longer loop about 5.5km and the Montpelier Loop 4km this being a little easier on the legs. Also having 3 orienteering trails, beginner intermediate and advance. Having personally completed this in a summer camp when I was 16 I can confirm it is a lot harder than it looks. But perhaps the most beautiful sight is overlooking the whole of Dublin spanning north and south.

Opening Hours: 7am – 9pm

Portmarnock Beach

On the coast of north Dublin looking onto Irelands Eye and Howth in the distance, this beautiful beach has the option to walk both on the sand, the grass bunker or the path above to meet everyone’s preference. Although when the tide is out it is beautiful to walk on the dry sand with the coast air. You could also do the coastal walk from Malahide to Portmarnock or vice versa. With the new Mainstreet in Malahide, there are plenty of outdoor dining options available. At Portmarnock beach, you also have the White Sands Hotel with heated outdoor dining available.


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