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The Brewing Legend

Guinness is the most popular and loved beer in Ireland. Nobody can argue on that but have you ever wondered how Guinness got its name?

The Irish beer got its name from its founder and famous Irish brewer Arthur Guinness.

The Beginning

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Arthur Guinness is the founder of the Guinness brewery business and is also known as the Guinness’s godfather. It was in December 1759, 27 years old Guinness first started brewing after signing a 9,000-year lease for an annual rent of £45. Guinness started brewing ale at an unused brewery at St.James’s Gate, Dublin. Soon afterward he started brewing porter, the dark creamy beer with ale. After several years Guinness decided to stop brewing ale and concentrated on brewing porters and stouts. It was renamed Stout Porter soon after and then to just Stout, the everyday sweet and smooth beer with malt and dark caramel. This marked the beginning of one of the most successful Irish businesses and a personal favorite for all beer lovers in Ireland and around the world.

Early Life

Guinness was born in Celbridge on September 24th, 1725 to his parents, Richard and Elizabeth, both of them children to tenant farmers in Dublin and Kildare. Guinness got an early introduction to the brewing business from his father Richard, who was the land steward and beer brewing supervisor at the estate of Arthur Price, Archbishop of Cashel. Guinness set up a brewery in Leixlip in 1756 with the money inherited after the death of Archbishop Price, who left Guinness with £100 in his will. After 3 years, Guinness moved to Dublin, to set up a brewery of his own at St.James’s Gate, Dublin. The rest is history!

The Art of Brewing

If brewing was an art, then Arthur Guinness was undoubtedly the artist in it. The Life of Arthur Guinness, the pioneer in brewing is an inspiration for brewing entrepreneurs and alcohol businesses. Which started back in 1759 by brewing ale in a dilapidated brewery at St. James’s Gate, Dublin is now the famous Guinness Irish dry stout loved and enjoyed by millions.

Arthur was considered as one of the finest ingredients of Guinness or truly the most precious brewing ingredient. These lines can be seen near his photo frame placed inside the Guinness Storehouse museum at St. James Gate, the place where he rejuvenated from nothing to iconic.

The Guinness Timeline

Some Milestones are worth remembering. The same applies to the timeline of Arthur Guinness and how he has emerged as the true icon and legend in brewing. A look into some of his life highlights in years.

1725 – Birth of the brewing legend Arthur Guiness at Celbridge, County Kildare
1752 – Arthur sets up an ale brewery in Leixlip inheriting from the will of his godfather

Archbishop Price.

1759 – The year Guinness was established by Arthur Guiness by signing a 9000-year lease at St. James’s Gate, Dublin.

1769 – The Maiden voyage. The first export shipment of Guinness beer to England from Dublin.

1799 – From Ale to Porter. The year Arthur decided to brew porters instead of ales. The year that really changed the fortune of Guinness.

1803 – Arthur Guinness says goodbye to the world. Arthur Guinness II takes over the Guinness brewery as the new heir after the death of his father.

Arthur Guinness Day

Arthur’s day was launched in September 2009, on the 250th-anniversary celebration of Arthur Guinness in remembrance of the greatest Irish brewer and as a celebration for the Guinness beer lovers around the world. ‘Paint the town black’ was one of the famous taglines that came out during the 2013 Arthur’s day celebration. After 5 years of celebrating Arthur’s day, Guinness decided to scrap Arthur’s day and launched Guinness Amplify which was a major stepping stone in support of emerging talents and musicians in Ireland.

The Present

Guinness, which was founded by Arthur Guiness back in 1759, is one of the most successful and loved alcohol brands worldwide and the best-selling alcohol drink in Ireland. Brewed in almost 50 countries and available in over 150 countries, the brand has 5 breweries in 5 different countries around the globe.

As the years pass by, Guinness is revolutionizing itself as the most sought-after global beer brand. Thanks to the brewing legend and the Guinness godfather, Arthur Guinness for giving us this delightful drink, a true brewing masterpiece.

You will not be forgotten. sláinte Arthur!!

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