Butlers Chocolates – The Story Behind The Luxury Irish Chocolatiers

The story behind the iconic Irish chocolatiers is almost as sweet as the chocolates themselves

Back in 1932 on Dublin’s Lad Lane, a pioneering businesswoman by the name of Marion Butler decided to set up a company called Chez Nous Chocolates. Having been born in India and moved to Ireland as a young woman, for more than 25 years she continued to build the brand that we know today as Butlers Chocolates.

Crafting everything by hand as she looked to build a reputation for making the most irresistible chocolates money could buy. Now available in more than 40 countries all over the world, few would have expected such incredible things to happen from such humble beginnings.

As the company continued to grow over the coming decades, it was felt that a change in name was necessary. Having firstly been rebranded to Butlers Irish in the 1980s to help celebrate the company’s deep ties with Ireland, it later became known as Butlers Chocolates to celebrate the work of their entrepreneurial founder.

The very first Dublin café opened in 1989 on Grafton Street, and it has been a permanent fixture on Dublin’s busiest street ever since. With 24 cafés found throughout Ireland and even more across the globe, people all over the world have been able to enjoy the work of one of the world’s most respected chocolatiers.

Butlers Chocolate Sweet Tooth Hamper (€40)

Ahead of their time

While creating the most delicious chocolate they possibly can have always been the number one goal, doing so responsibly is just as important. Committed to responsible and ethical sourcing, Butlers make the highest quality chocolates using sustainably sourced cocoa – for better chocolates and better livelihoods for the farmers who grow and nurture it.

The company is 100% Irish family-owned and everything it achieves is the result of teamwork and the pursuit of a common goal – to create the most delicious chocolates and to look after all their customers to the best of their ability.

With nearly 90 years of mastering the art of making chocolate, you can rest assured that anything that bears the Butlers name will always hit the right spot. Whether it’s their classic milk chocolates or a delightful box filled with a selection of their finest treats, it doesn’t take long to realise why their chocolate is so popular all over the world!

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