Christmas Gifts for Him – How to find the Perfect Gift This Year

Our guide to Christmas shopping for the picky men in your life

We all have men in our lives for one reason or another who are hard to shop for. In my house and I’m sure in many others we have the conversation that ends in ‘I don’t know what I want’ or ‘I don’t need anything’, so we are here to do the hard work for you and offer suggestions for men in your life who are hard to shop for and hopefully easily pleased. Giving all pricing options ranging from €15 to €75, we hope to give you some help choosing your gifts for him this Christmas. 


The Big Irish Sports Quiz: €15 

Covering everything from Gaa to Ruby to Football, this quiz is perfect for the huge sports fans out there. Covering 6 sports categories this is an ideal game to play over the holiday season, whether its a stocking filler or a board game for the house. At this price, you really can’t go wrong.

Irish Heritage Gift Company Toiletry Bag In Brown With Harp Seal Design: €15

Have you a messy other half that can’t keep his toiletries in one place? Then look no further because the Irish Heritage Gift Company has done exactly that! Their embellished logo on the front and the real leather effect of this bag makes it look even more expensive.


Tartan Scarf: €15 & €20

At Carrolls we have a huge range of tartan scarfs made with 100% wool. The benefit of the wool is it is bound to last a lifetime, and with Ireland being a rainy country wool can hold 30-40% of its weight in water before it feels wet.

We couldn’t choose just one scarf so we have gone with these two. On the right, we have the Standard blue and green checkered scarf at just €20 and on the left we have the Burberry inspired McCabes scarf for €15. See our other scarves for Ireland here.


Official Guinness Home Bar Pack With Mats, Glasses, Towel & Cards: €20

This is for all the men who are missing their local. This Guinness home bar pack is priced perfectly at €20 and includes a twin pack of glasses with your Guinness beer mats, a towel and a pack of playing cards to give you that pub feeling in the comfort of your own home. This also hits a nice price point if you are still doing a Kris Kringle this year with friends or coworkers. 


Official Guinness 20Oz Pint Glass With Engraving and Gift Box: €16

This personalized pint glass is one of our best sellers at Carrolls. Allowing you to have whatever message you like engraved on it, and the option to add a box for this too if it is for display purposes.

There is nothing fancier than a man showing up to his friend’s house for a drink with his own engraved pint glass, and yes I am speaking from experience. At just 16€ all in this is a very good gift for any man who enjoys a pint, even if it is not Guinness.

Funky Feet Large Polka Dots Designed 3 Pack of Socks: €20

If you are looking for a great stocking filler or a present to bulk up your gift this Christmas there’s no better way than a Pair of Funky Feet Socks. What man doesn’t love a pair of funky socks right?

This comes in a little gift box with 3 pairs and there are different varieties, although my personal favourite is the bright polka design. And let’s be real, these socks will look great with any outfit from everyday wear to under a suit, you will be sure to get some compliments. 

Retro Designed Ireland Football Cotton Zippy Green Colour: €30

With the FAI returning to Umbro this sparks a huge nostalgia for any Irish Football fans. This retro Ireland Zippy catapults us back in time to the vintage logo used in the 80s up until the early 00s. Priced at just €30 and from a small to 2xl this jacket is a steal. 

Memories of your childhood hamper: €40

You can never really go wrong with food for men. This nostalgic hamper of treats of your childhood is a perfect gift for someone who already has everything they need.

This hamper is a great price point for your brother or a boyfriend where you want to spend a little over that Kris Kringle price, but could also be gifted to someone you might not see this holiday season. It also means you won’t have to put up with the man in your life putting the empty wrapper of the sweet back into the share box. 

Guinness Pint Glass Christmas Gift Set For Him With Leather Wallet: €40

This Guinness Gift set is every Guinness Lovers dream. The Pint glass, Guinness socks, the bottle opener, the wallet which also has a coin holder to my personal favourite the mini chocolate Guinness flavoured pints. This is an ideal gift for someone who doesn’t even know what they want themselves. 

100% Natural Wool Crew Neck Traditional Aran Sweater Skiddaw Colour: €62

The reason we recommend this sweater over other colours is more so to fit the everyday man. This is a colour that every man would wear and the quality can’t be beaten. With 100% wool, this is a present that he can store in his wardrobe for years to come without going out of style. These Aran Sweaters are perfect for a date night, to work or even on a lad’s night out. 


Authentic Irish Style Golf Hamper: €75

This hamper is bound to hit all the sweet spots of an Irish man of a certain age. Whether it’s a loved one you won’t see this year or they are in a different country from golf swag to a personalised pint glass it has it all. This is for the man who’s raring to get back on the golf course with a few sweet treats thrown in. 

Mullingar Pewter Medieval Irish Designed Chess Set With Board: €275

If playing chess is one of your pastimes and you enjoy your Irish history then this Mullingar Pewter chess set is a perfect addition to add to the collection. This is a gift on the higher price point bucket list.

Crafted out of the finest pewter these figurines are durable but still very elegant. One half of the set is darkened and polished to give a shiny finish while the other half of the set is darkened and then brushed to leave a more dull finish highlighting the beautiful detail. The wooden black and ivory colour board complement the set.



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