Get Ready For Your Trip To Ireland; 7 Irish Travel Bloggers Worth Reading

Steven Sheehy

An interest blogger to start off the list. His world renowned imagery of places around the world is what makes this guy an interesting read before coming to Ireland. His many blogs are really just beautiful imagery but with a short description of them If you do find yourself reading about him before your trip we would highly recommend looking at his wonderful pictures to help you decide.
Some of his blogs include the below

  3. Twitter: steveosheehy
  4. Facebook: Steven Sheehy Photography
  5. Instagram: Stevie_stagram

Vibrant Ireland

This blog is worth reading to plan your trip to our wonderful country as it has many sections to help you decide where to go for example: Ireland; do see, visit, this blog within her blog shows many parts of what to do in Ireland. Like “What to Eat, Where to Stay in Ireland. We would highly recommend visiting her blog if you need ideas for a list of things to do for your trip to our wonderful country.

Some examples would be;

  2. Twitter: VibrantIreland

The Travel Expert

We would highly recommend reading her blogs if you ever intend to travel and need advice on where to go. This is her website and each link brings you to a new blog. For Ireland she discusses travel routes via Irish airlines. This woman has been all over the world and her blogs are definitely worth a read!

  1. Twitter: TravelExpert
  2. Facebook: The Travel Expert

Niall Doherty

This blogger is a very interesting one as he has been around the world without going on an plane. He set off in May 16th 2011 from Ireland and has visited 37 countries along the way. His first stop was Slieverue in Ireland as it was his home town and briefly went to Dublin before heading to Engalnd in a cargo ship. His imagery showing his travels are what make him an interesting read, as well as writing a book he describes all the places he visited in depth and is worth looking him up – Disruping The Rabblement

Facebook: Disrupting The Rabblement
YouTube: Disrupting The Rabblement

Irish history blog

This blog is all about our history as a country and is the perfect read for anyone willing to learn more about the history of Ireland before planning their trip. With this blog you will be able to discover our history and the different places within Ireland that are the most significant. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to plan a historical trip around Ireland to document and witness our history for your very own.

  1. Website:
  2. Facebook:
  3. Twitter:

Ireland Travel blog

Second last on this list but for good reason. This blog outlines all the wonderful things you can do in Ireland and where you can do it. For example these bloggers give an in depth insight into what is the best places to visit, the Guinness factory for example as well as planning a visit for the St. Patrick’s day parade, which is always worth it. They have traveled to other destinations but their knowledge on Ireland will convince anyone to visit our wonderful country as you will thoroughly enjoy it!

  1. Website
  2. Facebook:
  3. Twitter:

Ireland Blog

The final blog on our list is the most informative and beautifully described. The Ireland blog outlines everything you need to know about Ireland, from our rare snow days to our beautiful coastlines! This blog is worth a read if you ever want to just hop on a plane and visit the great green isle! This blog also helps you decide on our Irish fashion, our food and drink as well as many more aspects of Ireland! It even has a section on how you can rent a car whilst visiting

  1. Website:






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