Irish Football Jerseys through The Years

Reeling In The Years: FAI edition

As a new era of Irish football jerseys begins, we took a look back through the archives to take you through some of the most iconic jerseys. Being an Official seller of FAI gear and proud of our retro range, we are going to take you through some of the most iconic Jerseys. 


1994 World Cup Home Jersey, USA

With swarms of Irish fans including my dad and uncles following the boys in Green to the World Cup USA in 1994. Perhaps one of the most iconic teams led by Jack Charlton in the years leading up to this they qualified for three of the 4 major championships bowing out in the last 16. The Emblematic green accompanied by the Adidas name rather than the logo we know today is one for the history books. 


Euro 2016 Championships, France

This Classic Jersey was designed in a way to be breathable and with the number in the centre of the chest it really highlighted the green, white and orange colours. A Tournament I remember very well having travelled to Bordeaux and Lille with my Father, brother and a group of friends to support the boys in green.

I have never been happier to be sitting in the opposition’s end of the stadium than the final group stage vs Italy when Robbie Brady buried the ball right in front of my eyes. It gave me a nostalgic feeling of what my dad and uncles felt in 1994 when Ireland reached the last 16 of a major championship.


1994 World Cup Away Jersey, USA

This White jersey with the orange and green stripes with the old velour like FAI logo is memorable. It’s one I have framed on my bedroom wall. I guess what makes this Jersey iconic is the players that were wearing it. Proud Irishmen representing their country in a jersey that is now retro. 


1991/92 season

We all remember those shell jerseys and how itchy they were against our skin, but we still wore them no matter what. This stylish jersey designed again by Adidas has a more bold approach with the Adidas logo placed on the shoulder accompanied by the newer FAI Logo at that time. All I know is if Paul McGrath was wearing it, it was good enough for me.


1990 World Cup, Italy 

Last but not least the infamous Italia 90 jersey. For any Irish sports fan was one for the history books, perhaps our most successful bout at a major football tournament. This memorable jersey with the Adidas logo and white stripes, its light green base with the boomerang design as was the 90s trends this jersey was the height of football style when released. 


Nostalgic review

Although sometimes it is hard to follow Irish football, the true spirit of patriotism will always be at the core of any Irish sports fan. These iconic jerseys take us through decades of sporting history from the players, to the designers to the nostalgic feels that catapult you back to the time they were worn. 

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