It’s all fun and games! The Puzzle and Games Guide

The perfect puzzles and games to keep you Occupied while at home

With us spending a lot more time at home a great way to keep yourself and your family/housemates occupied are fun board games and puzzles and more importantly to keep spirits high. The beauty of these specific products is not like any you have played before.


Monopoly Dublin Edition

We start with a classic and one of the most popular board games ever, but with a Dublin take, this monopoly board set on the streets of Dublin is not for the faint-hearted, my recommendation is to play this at the beginning of lockdown. You will enjoy endless hours of fun with this game trying to pass go as many times as possible and buying up all that expensive Irish property! All the famous shops and historic landmark buildings are included on the board. The centre of the board is designed with a wonderful collage of images. 

The Gaelic Football & Hurling Quiz 

Our next game is for our GAA fanatics out there, a team quiz with more than 135 years of history to dive into when it comes to Gaelic football and hurling, so some of the questions can be quite tricky! This will test your broad range of players, teams, years, and winners. From remembering the winner of a classic game to knowing the name of a team’s manager, it’s sure to put your trivia knowledge to the test. You can even test it out on a zoom quiz (if they come back lol).

The Big Irish Games Night Bumper Set With Four Classic Games

It can get pretty competitive at times, but having a games night at home can be one of the best ways to spend time with your loved ones. This bumper pack includes 4 different games so you will never get bored offering endless hours of fun with friends or family. Each with their own unique set of rules and instructions, it’s going to make for one action-packed evening. My favourite game being the quickfire with the bell, testing knowledge, and reacting almost like family fortunes, and considering how competitive my family are it offers great craic. 

Professor Puzzle Big Irish Quiz Ultimate Quiz Night Trivia Box

With many trivia board games, it can be hard to find one with an Irish influence, as a quizzer I consider my general knowledge to be broad but lord knows I know nothing about British royalty or the history of US presidents. This game is the perfect Irish spin including General Knowledge, Food and Drink, Irish History, Music, TV and Film and Around Ireland. A perfect game to determine whose knowledge of Ireland is better. 

The Irish Map Vintage 1000 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

Looking to explore Ireland from the comfort of your couch? The timing couldn’t be better, this amazing jigsaw puzzle is a great choice! Start your journey into vintage Ireland with this 1000-piece beautifully illustrated vintage map jigsaw. This non-traditional shape maps out Ireland’s jagged coasts taking you across all 32 counties on the Island. Even if you are not a lover of jigsaws this one offers a different experience and 1000 pieces is a great size. 

Wooden Barrel Puzzle Game

Our final Puzzle is the Guinness wooden barrel quiz, and while this looks like a challenge you can take on, believe me, this brain teaser is much harder than it looks. Testing your spatial awareness, and more importantly your patience this can offer several hours of fun trying to solve this.

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