Meet The Makers: Genesis

Meet The Makers: Genesis 

About Genesis 

Established in 1986 by Tony Collins, Genesis Fine Arts produce a striking range of handcrafted cold cast bronze sculptures. The name Genesis was chosen to reflect the Bronze Age origins of sculpture in Ireland. Today’s methods of creating these unique works of art differ only in the more advanced forms of casting and finishing used. Genesis Fine Arts has evolved into a much loved Irish brand worldwide and has become the go to gift for many. Whether it’s a wedding, retirement, sporting event or new baby, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in our collection.


 A collection of everyday scenes turned into beautiful pieces of art and the ideal gift for those looking to give someone a little piece of Ireland. Our traditional collection comprises of some very popular Irish Scenes, such as our Molly Malone sculpture–The enigmatic heroine of the famous song of the same name, widely recognised as Dublin’s unofficial anthem to a traditional to “The session” sculpture an extremely detailed piece of craftsmanship that features a scene from a traditional Irish music session. Other pieces include Celtic symbols and instruments, such as the tin whistle and bodhrán player that will allow you to pay homage to your Irish roots.

Sports and Awards 

Well known in the sporting and awards industry, Genesis Fine Arts has become the go to for sporting communities around Ireland


Our Collection of Horse and Other animals has truly become a much loved gift. Each sculpture captures the essence of the animal. Whether it is the playfulness of a dog or the strength and power of a horse, our animal sculptures really do show the attention to detail and the high quality Irish craftmanship that goes into each piece.

Wedding & Love 

Our Wedding & Love collection has been the go to gift for many. Whether it’s an engagement, wedding or anniversary. Our collection of Wedding and Love Sculpture’s will bring warmth to any mantlepiece or tabletop. An ideal choice as each piece illustrates and depicts the unity and magic of love and the being made in cold cast bronze just like a good marriage, It is strong and can withstand the test of time.

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