Meet The Makers: Herb Dublin

Meet The Makers: Herb Dublin

Herb Dublin was born from an obsession with all things natural, unprocessed and healing. Only Natural ingredients are used while these stunning products are made with love, by hand in Ireland.

Rachel McCann

Rachel became a vegetarian over 25 years ago after learning about all the different things she could eat compared to what she was eating then, it scared her what she was putting into her mouth. Nowadays, she takes this theory into her whole life. She tries to eat mostly organic foods, everything from carrots to chocolate! Rachel says small changes make a big difference. 

Herb Dublin was created from pure passion. Driven by all things natural and healing from the ground up, her passion for good health is as addictive as the products and fragrances she creates. 

A few years ago Rachel got a wake up call in terms of her health. She was advised to see a herbalist. So from there Rachel followed her dreams and created Herb Dublin. 

Everything created in Herb Dublin is about relaxation, detoxification and happiness. 

Rachel said ‘Is there anything more relaxing than a long hot, candle lit bath’ and that is why she created gorgeous epsom bath salts using essential oils, herbs and essential oils to uplift, unwind and detox. 

Rachel has a strong belief in the power of essential oils and simple herbs. She knows that the answers to everything are found in nature, most of the time you just have to know where to look and Rachel is always looking.

Herb Dublin continually test herbs in their teas creating new flavours daily. Is there anything more beautiful than fresh aromatic leaf tea only topped by burning the most gorgeous essential oils made using our favourite combinations. Herbs are so important to Rachel as research suggests that they can reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety and stress, relieve pain and relax tight muscles. 

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