Meet The Makers: Palm Free Irish Soap

Meet The Makers: Palm Free Irish Soap

Palm Free Soap is a small Irish family business with a strong commitment to Sustainability creating beautiful zero waste, plastic free, vegan alternatives to everyday soap, shampoo, deodorant and laundry bars.

The journey began in 1996 when looking for an alternative to mass produced chemical-laden soaps. A young family back then, they began experimenting with their own recipes creating 100% vegetable oil based soap. Their approach was simple – use the finest food grade oils, natural plant based colours and 100% pure essential oils.

Before long, they had the makings of a beautiful handcrafted bar of soap that smelt divine. With a zero waste and minimal packaging concept in mind they had to figure out how to offer a solution to packaging. Initially they embarked on the ‘cut it yourself’ approach. This involved a soap loaf and a mini guillotine and then placed in a simple brown bag. Twenty four years later, the beautiful soap are still available in a simple brown paper bag.

Today, the method of soap making is traditional and heavily reliant on good old fashioned elbow grease to do away with machinery. To conserve water usage, only fresh rainwater is used. This is collected in barrels before being hand filtered and incorporated into the soaps. Using a unique ‘cold process’ method, the vegetable fats only require gentle fats for saponification to take place which in turns reduces energy consumption and their carbon footprint is reduced even further.

Many of the recipes are still stirred by hand using an original hand crafted oak soap paddle, still going strong after two decades of soap stirring.

Each bar are hand stamped and cut. They are the first company in Europe to give their bars their own identity. This is achieved by stamping every single bar with a batch code, a best before date, the name of the soap and the company name. 

These beautiful zero waste products make for the perfect Irish gift. Shop the full collection here

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