Meet The Makers Series: Shanore

Meet The Makers: Shanore

Irish at heart, forever. 

This Irish Jewelry company has deep roots in our  legendary land. They  are a family business, now run by  the second generation of Celtic jewelry devotees. They  have been lovingly crafting our special pieces for 40  years, with your stories in mind. 

In 1979, founder Frank Maher, happily still guiding as they expand, bravely uses his skill in jewelry craft to launch a new business. He and his wife Liz were full of excitement to show their  first collections in Talbot Street in the heart of Dublin.

A family business grows together in 1980. Frank’s son Shane moves back home from London to help with the growing demand for the  fine jewelry. He prepared by studying diamonds, with big plans for the luxurious Celtic pieces the audience wanted.

First Celtic Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings in 1988. Not just symbolic, but full of sentiment, the first engagement and wedding ring collection seals many faithful vows. Still one of the most prized collections, they’re infused with the depth of the ancient and excitement and dreams of the future.

A rebrand to show their true identity and expand their reach into the US sees this family business become Shanore in 1995.

After that, awards begin to pour in and still continue to do so and their reputations grows daily. Then came a beautiful union with Swarovski. Only the finest materials are acceptable to keep the integrity in the designs. Swarovski added luxury and sparkle. These crystals, precious metals and Celtic symbols are a union made from above.

Frank’s son Leigh joined the Shanore team. His Finance and IT skills are pillars in the business. He also takes charge of continually evolving the website to keep it fresh, modern, and efficient. Nowadays, Shanore say their new directions are inspired by you in response to heartwarming stories told by you. 

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