Natural Beauty To Visit In Ireland

On bright sunny days in Ireland the best places to visit would be any nature trail in Ireland, not only can you experience the beauty of Ireland but you can find new places not many tourists know about.

One of the great things about Ireland the beauty of the island no matter what part you are in. In Dublin there is many great nature places to visit from parks to beaches, ome parks having more to the eye than others.

Phoenix Park

One of the most well known nature spots in Ireland. It is the home to Dublin zoo, the perfect outdorr experience no matter what the weather you can visit the zoo for a fun time for all the family. It is also home to farmleigh house. Farmleigh is made famous as an estate of 78 acres situated to the north-west of Dublin’s Phoenix Park, was purchased from the Guinness family by the Irish Government in 1999 for €29.2m. This house has been refurbished and is welcome to all visitors to visit and for tourist to experience the beauty that is the house.


St Stepehens Green

Another famous spot for a good nature walk Stephens green. It is just off Grafton street, so when you are ready to just go and relax after a hards day shopping than this is the perfect place for you to sit back relax and enjoy the beauty of nature within Stephens Green

Dublin Mountains

Another place that is a great hike and full with nature, animals and just beautiful scenery is the Dublion Mountains. While there is a trek to get there this is a must go place full of nature for any tourist to visit and to visit during any weather.

Grand Canal

This man made cancal encircles Dublin inner city and is the perfect day time walk. It is full of ducks and swans, the famous poet Patrick Kavanagh is also situated there with a beautiful statue, the reason behind this was his poem “Lines Written On a Seat On the Grand Canal”


Just on the outskirts of Dublin there is a wide range of beaches with a few good spots where you can sit back, relax and look into the ocean no matter what the weather. They are the perfect place to have a picnic especially when the sun is setting as it causes a beautiful scene anyone can enjoy! *Please be advised that the consumption of alcohol on the beaches is strictly forbidden.

Portrane Beach

This is a 2km stretch of sandy beauty and the largest home of migrating birds during the winter months. This walk will leave you refreshed and at peace with the serenity of the smell, sight and sound of the sea.

Portmarnock Beach

Also known as velvet strand this beach is full of smooth sand and perfect surfing conditions. Great for families or just people wishing to surf or play in the sand. The perfect getaway for a sunny day or even a beautiful over cast day.

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