Need Christmas presents? Here’s why hampers are the way to go

Does Christmas revolve around food?

Although there are many traditions around Christmas time, it’s safe to say the holidays centre around food. From the tin of biscuits or tray of chocolates that your mum is saving for Christmas and they are not to be touched, to the nap many people have after their Christmas dinner and before a family board game or Christmas movie. At Carrolls we have created a full range of hampers that cater to everyone whether it’s a sweet tooth, a savoury pallet or a mix of both. 

Nostalgic tastes of Ireland: €60

There are plenty of reasons to love Ireland, but the long list of iconic Irish snacks has to be one of the biggest. It’s hard to find anything as satisfying as a packet of Tayto Cheese & Onion, and there’s never a bad time to enjoy a hot mug of Barry’s Tea!

Anyone who has traveled or lived abroad has probably missed one or several of these. This is jam packed with some of the tastiest treats, everything from gravy granules and biscuits to tea bags and crisps make this a hamper for the ages.


Not Before your Dinner Gift Hamper: €45

I remember the heartbreak as a child when one of my parents would tell me ‘not before your dinner’. Packed with fan favourites like Cadbury Dairy Milk and Tayto Cheese & Onion crisps. This hamper is perfect for anyone missing the great tastes of Irish snacks, no matter where in the world you are.


Memories of your Childhood Hamper: €40

There is no time, place, or day in the year where a gift hamper loaded with chocolate bars will not be appreciated. Seeing this arrive at your door is more than enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, whatever the occasion. 

It comes with just about every kind of chocolate bar you can think of from classics like Snickers and Crunchie to treats like Boost and Wispa bars this is a chocolate lover’s dream.


Irish Cheese and Wine Hamper (Ireland only): €55

Ireland is known around the world for its dairy produce and what better way to celebrate this than with a wine and cheese hamper. Coming with a wonderful selection from some of Ireland’s finest artisans, our Irish Cheese & Wine Hamper from Cooleeney Cheese to Cahills Vintage Waxed Cheddar including a cheese slicer. This hamper comes with everything needed for a delightful cheeseboard selection


Pamper yourself Gift Hamper: 100€

With the year that is in it self care has never been as popular and what better way to celebrate that than with the Pamper yourself Gift Hamper. The west coast of Ireland is blessed with some of the purest waters in Europe, and Rí Na Mara makes use of them by creating some of the finest skincare products on the market.

With everything needed for the most relaxing spa experience you could possibly have at home and with a few sweet treats thrown in, it’s an incredibly special gift for any occasion.

Luxury Irish Treats Christmas Hamper: €100

This Luxury Irish hamper covers all bases for your indulgent Christmas needs. From Chocolates to sweets to Guinness treats. 

Overflowing with delicious snacks, premium Irish teas and luxurious treats of every variety, they will certainly need to put the kettle on more than once! Whatever the occasion, this incredible gift hamper is something that the recipient is sure to never forget.

Famous Irish Treats Gift Hamper: €120

This hamper does exactly what it says on the tin, and just by the picture, I’m sure something has already grabbed your focus. From tasty Tayto crisps to Barry’s Tea and Jacob’s Kimberly biscuits, you’ll find all of the fan favourites included in this hamper. Whether you are sending it abroad, to someone you might not see this festive season or even for your own it is a perfect gift.

The Great Family Picnic Hamper (Ireland Only): €200

Think of this hamper as a celebration of Irish food, with two bottles of quality Spanish wine to enjoy alongside it. With everything from artisan cheese and gourmet sauces to luxurious chocolates and delicious sweets, it’s a gift for the entire family to enjoy. 

Although this hits a higher price point this hamper is well worth it, and we have just made your Christmas food shop that little easier. Rest assured that this hamper will be a gift that will never be forgotten, whether it’s a self-gift or something for a loved one.

Our hampers offer a range of Irish products as a huge focus for us is to support local while striking the balance between a perfect gift and price point. The best part is we have a price point to suit everyone, whether you are buying for yourself and the family or as a gift for someone this Christmas.


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