New Years Reseloutions


New Year New Me

The old phrase New Year new me has been trolling the internet for many years. In this week’s blog, we take a look at the history, tradition and present-day interpretations.


Where and when did they start? 

The History of New Years’ celebrations and resolutions dates back over 4000 years to the Babylonians, although they didn’t celebrate on December 31st. Thought to be the first celebrations of the new year actually took place in March to celebrate the new season of crops that had been planted. They would also make promises to return any borrowed tools in the new year and given that they were pagan this led to the belief that God would return their positive energy and goodwill. 

Adopted into Christianity 

Resolutions slowly became adopted by Christian denominations as a means of thinking about the past mistakes or bad decisions you have made and how you can become closer to God by resolving these in the new year. In religious ceremonies, many Christian denominations still celebrate the watch night services held on NYE, where you make these promises to God to become a better Christian. 


The Roman Empire 

It wasn’t until the Roman period in which New Years’ began to be celebrated on the 1st of January due to the Roman calendar. January was named after the Roman god Janus, thought to have had 2 faces allowing him to look both into the past and future. It was then when the idea of setting new year’s resolutions really became about personal growth and cleaning up any past issues. 


Present Day

Despite New Years’ celebrations and resolutions being rooted in religion, this almost has no bearing on the present day. Now instead of making commitments to god most people that do partake make personal resolutions focusing on something they wish to give up or start doing in the new year. Resolutions have become a lot less popular with research showing less than 45% of people make them. 


Setting Goals 

It is often thought that new year’s resolutions must involve giving something up, or taking something up but often setting yourself little personal goals can be a great resolution to make. These small steps can make someone feel very fulfilled when complete and are often more realistic than crazy resolutions. 

  • Learn how to drive
  • Visit somewhere you have always wanted to but never have
  • Get a new job 
  • Do an online course 
  • Take more photos with friends/family to create memories 
  • Make more of an effort to speak with people 
  • Introduce a new food into your diet 
  • Get out into the open air more


Funny Resolutions made by our Instagram followers.

Last week we posed the question on funny or crazy resolutions you have made in the past or are currently tackling. 

  • Going for a date night once a month with your partner
  • Visit different parts of Ireland ranked the worst on trip advisor
  • Sign up for a Marathon that I probably won’t run
  • Nap more
  • Go Viral on Tiktok
  • Do more yoga so I can justify wearing yoga clothing
  • Stop brushing my teeth before my morning coffee/orange juice
  • Wake up before 2pm on weekends

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