Saint Patricks Day Parade Guide 2016

St Patricks Day

Enjoying Saint Patricks Day

At Carroll’s Irish gifts we know how fun and interesting St Patrick’s Day is. All the parades and fun costumes, the celebrations worldwide, anything to celebrate being Irish! So let’s begin by learning a little bit about St Patrick’s Day or St Paddy’s day as the Irish like to call it.
The St Patricks Day parade tradition did not originate in Ireland, in fact it began in America. It began as a papal decision to establish March 17th as the feast of Patrick. The parade tradition began as pilgrimages to sacred spots and once there dancing food, drink, music and playing spirited games ended the pilgrimage, this than grew to the many parades we see today. The parades in America then began to take a traditional Irish fashion in the coming years to celebrate the feast of St Patrick.

St. Patricks Day Parades In Ireland

If you didn’t know, it is Irelands Patron saint that is celebrated on March 17th so when we celebrate him we make sure it is a feast to remember. The capital of Ireland, Dublin, is where we start the journey about St Patricks Day Parades in Ireland. The parade in Dublin is the number one parade you should visit if you if in Ireland around the time of Saint Patrick’s Day.

Each year the parade focuses on a different theme where all the participants try to incorporate this theme in their floats and performances. The parade begins in none other than Saint Patrick’s street where it progresses to O’Connell Street past our second biggest store, on to Westmoreland Street past our biggest store in Dublin, finishing in Merrion Square where there will be a free concert for all participants and spectators to bring an end to the festival.

Other great parades in Ireland may be smaller than the one in Dublin but that does not mean they are any less important or spectacular! Kilkenny they have a celebration known as tradfest where they celebrate the traditional side of Ireland with ceiles and traditional parties. The parade itself is filled with wonderfully colourful floats and performers dancing through the streets of Kilkenny. The parade starts at St John’s Church up St Patrick’s street and it ends in Market yard where there is a concert for all participants of the parade. While there are no tickets to this event the organisers do wish for spectators to arrive early to avoid disappointment. A wonderful place to go if you find yourself in that part of the country for St Patrick’s Day.

Most Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations take a different approach each year, with major cities making a week long festival out of the feast of Saint Patrick. Belfast for example does a Saint Patrick’s Carnival where each day a different activity/ concert takes place. Many of these concerts are traditional Irish music to showcase our culture to our overseas visitors. The parade is similar to the Dublin one however there are differences in the way Irish culture is shown. It begins at Belfast hall making its way to custom house square.

This year’s theme in Cork is one of our most famous historical events, the 1916 legacy. Performers will show case floats and amazing choreography which outline the theme and show our history. Another historical even that Cork is the Red Head Section of the Parade. This section will be a foxy float full of our rarest colours of hair in the world, the red head. The Parade route runs from the South Mall to the Grand Parade, along St. Patrick’s Street and finishes at Merchant’s Quay.

It’s not just Ireland that offers some great St Patricks Day Parades and events. The US and UK also offer some fantastic parties and parades. Check out the list below for some of the best parades around.

• Belfast City 
• Carlow
• Castlebar
• Cork City
• Derry
• Donegal
• Dublin City Centre
• Galway
• Kilkenny City Centre
• Waterford

• Birmingham City
• Crawley
• Halifax
• Huddersfield
• Leeds
• London
• Manchester
• Medway
• Newcastle
• Nottingham

• Boston
• Chicago
• Florida
• Hawaii
• Massachusetts
• Michigan
• Nevada
• New Jersey
• New York City
• Pennsylvania
• Washington

If you organise a parade or St. Patrick’s Day event and want to be included on our list then drop us an email and we’ll be happy to add you to the list too.

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