Scents of Home

Scents of home are more than just a candle!

Everyone knows that personal home smell and each person is different. Whether it’s the cabbage and potatoes in your grannys or your student accommodation (no further explanation needed). In this blog, I will take you through the different scents and any benefits that come with these along with an alternative for those who aren’t candle lovers. 

Irish Botanicals Earl Grey & Primrose Natural Scented Candle 

Although an Irish person’s nightmare when drinking tea, Earl Grey and Primrose candle is perfect for those who like less of a floral scent in their home. Irish Botanicals use nothing but the finest natural wax to create their incredible premium scents. Often inspired by the natural gardens of Ireland, you can rest assured that everything they create is to the highest of standards. With a burn time of about 40 hours, the gorgeous complimentary notes in this earl grey & primrose scented candle work incredibly well together. Coming in its own signature gift box, the beautiful packaging pretty much sums up what is inside the box!


Berry Be Beauty Lemongrass Eco-Soy Wax Candle 

This hand-poured candle has a vegan-ecological recipe made strictly from soy and essential oils, it doesn’t contain toxic elements, carcinogens or pollutants. This candle also burs for around 35 hours, which makes this candle a perfect gift for any occasion or just for your bedside locker. This lemongrass scented candle also has related health benefits known to relieve anxiety. 


Irish Botanicals Peony Rose & Wild Apple Mint Natural Scented Candle

The hearty scent of Wild Irish Rose will warm up any room especially for those who are lovers of floral scents. And while this does have a floral smell it is not overpowering. Hand-poured from natural soy wax this candle is authentically Irish this candle makes a perfect addition to any room.

Berry Be Beauty Vanilla & Black Pepper Soy Wax Candle  

This candle is for those who are a little more adventurous in their scent selection. With a combination of a smooth and sweet vanilla scent, with a woody black pepper aroma, it is highly regarded for its relaxing and uplifting actions, is considered a natural mood lifter. With the two polar smells, it creates a balance that would have you walking into any room nose-first. 


Christmas Scented Tin Candles – 3 Designs 

Coming close to Christmas, these festive essential oil blended fragrance come in 3 mouth-watering flavors. Butter Pecan, Vanilla Shortbread, Winterblossom, coming in a cute little tin perfect for blending into your Christmas Decor. If you’re looking to have your home smell extra Christmassy then check out any of these three candles. They are slow-burning and last up to 35 hours so you better snap them up you can use one per month in the lead up to Santa, and my recommendation is to place these in the kitchen area.

Relax and Sleep Essential Oil Burner Lavender & Fresh Rosemary

Some people don’t like the burning smell of candles, and although the selection chosen doesn’t have this, I have the perfect alternative for you, an oil burner. The fresh smell of lavender & rosemary works together to create a relaxing aroma in the room. Lavender also has amazing abilities which will help you relax after those stressful days and also help you sleep at night. 


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