Skincare Top Tips – Seaweed Infused Skincare by Ri Na Mara

Seaweed Infused Skincare by Ri Na Mara

On this blog, we aim to offer some interesting insights to an incredible Irish brand that are using natural resources found locally and harnessing the benefits of these products to improve skincare. With a background in dermatology, this brand was founded on the core belief that products you are applying to your skin should be chemical and paraben-free and improve your skin not just make it look good in the short term. Ri Na Mara is a range of handmade products, who utilize natural resources found on our shores which we are proud to support at Carrolls.


Who are Ri Na Mara: 

Hailing from the Atlantic coast in Connemara boasts some of the purest marine waters in Europe, a perfect habitat to produce the rich natural sea algae that go into every Ri na Mara skincare product. Ri na Mara is passionate about natural skincare treatments for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, but it was only when they looked to the pristine Atlantic Ocean that lapped the shores near their home in Galway helped discover the route to naturally beautiful, healthy skin lay in seaweed. “Equipped with my dermatological experience, my husband’s knowledge of aquaculture and seaweed, and the wealth of rich mineral seaweed close to our home, we launched the Rí na Mara skincare range in 2004”. A true homegrown family business using local sources of natural products.


Their Mission: 

Rí Na Mara Irish Seaweed Cosmetics harness the power of the sea and the natural environment of these Irish Water to create a range of homegrown beauty products promoting healthy, beautiful skin. This Natural beauty line harnessing the benefits of seaweed and complemented by a range of carefully selected natural botanical extracts. Rí na Mara cosmetics contain no harsh chemicals, Parabens, GMOs, or animal derivatives.


Benefits of Seaweed: 

Seaweed boasts many hidden benefits that people may not realize. Containing small amounts of vitamin A, C, K and higher levels of E along with small traces of minerals like folate, magnesium and calcium. Because of the antioxidants it contains, seaweed has a compound which works together to protect our cells, in some cultures like Japanese and Korean it is a staple of their diet with the aim to reap the nutritious benefits of seaweed. In terms of its cosmetic value, it is a natural product which cleanses and plumps your skin and with the moisture, the compound helps to keep your skin hydrated with a natural anti-ageing effect. 



The 3 Products recommended by me:

Conditioning Eye Cream with Natural Seaweed and Botanical Extracts:

Because of the antioxidants within seaweed, this helps to keep the under-eye hydrated and smooths out fine lines. More often than not we forget about eye care and hope moisturizer will do the work, this is the perfect product to mix in with your moisturizer and over time can help eliminate wrinkles. 


Cleansing Water with Natural Seaweed and Botanical Extracts:

Suitable for sensitive skins this micellar water dissolves make-up from delicate eyes and lips area removing impurities and unclogging pores. Top tip for using this always ensure you wash your face with cold water before applying. 

Rejuvenating Body Cream with Natural Seaweed Extracts:

This regenerating body cream is made from shea butter vitamin E and seaweed extracts. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin giving it a natural glow. Ideal to repair dry skin. The main benefit for this product is it is not an oily product so you don’t have that feeling after use. 

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