Meet The Makers Series: The Jewellery House



The Jewellery House is a family run, Irish company based in the heart of Dublin since the 1950s. Passionate about innovative Irish Jewellery Design, they take inspiration from Ireland’s beautiful countryside, Heritage and Celtic symbols to create unique pieces that can be treasured for generations. All their pieces are authenticated and hallmarked by the Assay Office in Dublin Castle. Discover one of a kind and classic pieces from this elegant collection.

The Jewellery house is divided into several stunning brands:

House of Lor: is a relatively new brand to the TJH stable of brands. TJH have an exclusive license with the Galantas Gold Corporation which allows them to use Irish Gold mined in Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland in every House of Lor jewellery piece produced. The metal design palette is primarily Sterling Silver with Irish Rose Gold motif design and World Gold with Irish Rose Gold motif design in the Love Shamrock Collection.  The design collections for House of Lor are Heritage and Contemporary. TJH are very proud to offer the only jewellery collection to the world made using rare Irish Gold in every piece.



Celtic Designs Jewellery has enjoyed enormous success with its vast selection of quality Irish Celtic designed jewellery product and collections. The range is made up of Silver pendants, crosses, charms, earrings, rings, bracelets & bangles and brooches & cufflinks. Also Gold pendants, crosses, bracelets & bangles, charms, earrings, rings and cufflinks. The gold jewellery is made to order.


Children of Lir


This collection is over 25 years old and continues to perform due to its beautifully designed ‘Swan’ pieces and the enduring story of the Children of Lir.

The story of the Children of Lir is one of the best-known tales of Ireland. This story tells of Lir and his wife Aobh and their four children. Lir’s wife died, and he married again. His new wife was called Aoife and she became the children’s stepmother. At first, she loved them dearly but after a time she grew jealous of their father’s affection for them.

One day she bore them away and put them under a spell. They were turned into four white swans at Lake Derravarragh in County Westmeath. They remained there for four hundred years. Then they flew away and settled on the Sea of Moyle between Ireland and Scotland, where they stayed for three hundred years in cold and misery. From there they spent three years in Erris, County Mayo where they endured even further sorrow.

At the end of that time, they returned to their old home at Sídh Fionnachaidh in County Armagh. Their father was long dead, and the place was desolate and empty. They flew off again to Erris and there met the Christian Missionary, St. Mochaomhóg who treated them with great kindness.

At last their period of enchantment came to an end and they were turned into three withered old men and an old woman. The saint baptised them and they died peacefully. They were buried together.


Eternal Celtic Bands: Offers a variety of precious metals, band designs and rim styles to choose from. Allowing the customer to mix and match to create a unique ring. The design connotations are endless. The Celtic Bands are enjoyed by anyone with an appreciation for the Celtic heritage and associated designs for example the Trinity knot, Claddagh, and Celtic weaves. The Eternal Celtic Bands are a favourite with our customers as they are very popular as Wedding rings with men and women, alike. The bands are made to order, with quality craftmanship evident in there production.

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