The Tree of life – An Ancient symbol from a modern viewpoint


The symbol of the Tree of Life is instantly recognisable, but did you know that its history dates back over 1000 years!

An insight to our Celtic past and,As Gaeilge, known as Crann Bethadh, The Tree of Life has been adopted in Ireland and many world cultures. The most popular version of the symbol is an oak tree planted in the centre of a large open field by a tribe to provide shelter, warmth, and a meeting area for the elders. The oak tree was also viewed as a shelter for animals and birds giving it an ancient meaning as a force which took care of life on earth.

Some celts even believed that trees were their ancestors. Akin to the movie ‘Avatar’, believing that the tree connected the earth to the powers above.


With the Celts believing trees were their ancestors they held a great amount of respect for them and their ancient, mythical powers. The intersection of the roots which spanned far below ground and the branches which stretched high above formed the connection between both worlds – the conscious world and the spiritual world.

It could also be argued that the Tree of Life Signifies rebirth, with trees that shed their leaves in Autumn and bloom again in Spring. Striking Harmony and Balance while also granting Power, Unity and Strength.


Modern Day Interpretation:

Whether you are a believer in ancient practices or symbolism, one thing most people agree on is that the Tree of life is a Universal symbol which unites beliefs in a greater power. This has been integrated into modern culture and is a popular tattoo design along with being designed into lots of ornaments and Jewellery.

The idea that a symbol dating back to the ancient times is still relevant in 2020 speaks volumes of the longevity of the symbol itself also the idea it represents Power, Unity and Strength.

The Tree of Life teaches us to carry and share “Love” and only “Love”. And so, the light of Love should shine through our eyes – Ricky Saikia.

Excuse the pun but the tree of life is deeply rooted in our culture here in Ireland. A symbol that has stayed relevant for over 1000 years alluding to the fact that all life on earth is connected and this could not be truer in current times, a symbol which allows for escapism and personal growth.


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