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Meet the Maker – Irish Socksciety

St. Patrick was a 5th century saint, who is the patron saint of Ireland. It is believed that he died on March 17th, 461 AD, and this date has become one of Ireland’s most widely-known national holidays. Interestingly, St. Patrick is not actually Irish. He was born in Scotland in the UK to a wealthy family but was kidnapped by Irish raiders at the age of 16 and sold into slavery in Ireland. He spent the next 6 years looking after sheep and turned to religion for solace. A voice in a dream told him to escape to England on a ship and he was reunited with his family.

We fell in love with Ireland and Irish lifestyle.

Thit muid i ngrá le hÉirinn
Irish Socksciety loves all that is quirky and humorous of contemporary Ireland.

they feel that feet have lots to say, and to help them talk, they design colourful and funny socks here, in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland, in the middle of the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way.

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We are best friends who dance, laugh and work together – in any order really, as it usually happens all at once. We are the kind of people who usually wear baggy, black or grey clothes but socks, socks are very special to us.

We choose them very carefully, sometimes odd socks, sometimes patterned or themed and always lots of colour. That’s why designing socks is what we are passionate about.

Our socks brighten up any occasion from boring business meeting to a wonderful wedding, lunch with family or party with mates.

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Some brands are born naturally, out of passion, friendship, and drive. Irish Socksciety is one of them.

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After 5 years in business, it’s time to tell the whole story.

None of us, the two co – founders, ever thought we would awaken the socks market in Ireland.
Joanna, trained as a Publisher, Alex as a Spatial Planner had plenty of various ideas, but only in 2011 when we first met, the most bizarre and challenging ones came to life.
Needless to say, for many years we lived beside each other in Poland, shopped in the same shops, but never met – it was Galway and its incredible charm that made us connect with each other…

And so a friendship and new chapters began.

Bold and absolutely inexperienced we started our entrepreneurial journey by introducing a portfolio of humorous illustrations inspired by Ireland, Irish landscapes, culture, language, and craic.
We truly believe our absolute enthusiasm for Ireland spoke through our work, and so in time, the portfolio grew into a range of products – mugs, coasters, fridge magnets, shopper bags, etc. until this one day, when we thought of socks.
We are one of those people who love black baggy clothes, and socks were always the extravagant part of our looks.
So why not socks, we thought, but where to start, was the real question. Apart from the huge chains, there were no other places to buy socks. Nothing local, fun and sustainable.
So we took our time, we spent months learning how to design socks, how to speak the socks language, and what yarns to use to guarantee comfort, quality and earth consciousness.
We searched for options in packaging to ensure it will be sustainable and practical from the very start.

We know that good and cozy socks are a perfect start to any first step that needs to be taken. One foot at a time.

Alex and Joana


They truly love their socks and are proud of their quality. They also obsess about detail, they could tell you about how the machines they use accept only 100% combed cotton, certified Oeko-tex, and waffle on describing all the fancy 168 needle machine construction works precisely to create every sock uniquely strong and very soft.

Irish Socksiety’s are reinforced from heal to toe so that you can wear them with wellys or vintage brogues.

Their socks won’t slide down your foot come hell or high water! If it’s feet you have, these are the socks you’re after.



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