Why Dads Are The Best

Father’s Day is fast approaching and while a unique gift might be on your mind, we’re reflecting on what makes Dads extraordinary. Teachers, providers, leaders and comedians (mostly amateur), Dads have an astute ability to relieve our worries and prompt a laugh along the way.

While Father’s Day 2020 might not look like previous years, staying at home or spending the day apart warrants some fond memory sharing. If you’re pondering how to mark the occasion this year, kick off festivities with some remote revelry or reminiscing.

Whether it’s your biological father or a paternal figure in your life, they’ve earned a special place in your heart. In honor of Dads everywhere, we’re compiling a list of those defining  qualities and memories that we’ll cherish forever:

They Give The Best Advice

Our Dads have given us a lot of advice throughout the years. Whether it’s relationships, parenting or how to get rid of pesky spiders, their advice inexorably affects us.

While we appreciate and follow (or at least try to) their advice, it’s not necessarily the wise words we recall but rather the moments we found ourselves analyzing a problem with Dad-like instinct.

They Protect Us

Time and time again, Dads are willing to charge into combat to keep us out of danger. When we were little it was checking under the bed for Monsters and catching us when we fell. This transcended into telling us who (and who not) to hang out with and checking we’re not getting into any trouble as teenagers.

Perpetual heroes, they are two steps ahead at all times when it comes to our safety

An Abundance of Dad Jokes

Treasured or despised, Dad jokes are an ancient familial tradition. Dad jokes possess a boundless power that winds up the whole family.

Apparently there’s a science behind the art of Dad jokes. According to a study published by the University of New Mexico in 2011, dad jokes and puns are economical and effective forms of communication. Don’t let your Dad know, he’d run with this one!

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They Always Cheer Us On

Our biggest fans throughout trials and tribulations, Dads cheering never fades. They supported us as we sampled everything on the infinite hobby spectrum, from hip-hop dancing to horse riding.

Whether it’s your voice cracking at the school musical or being benched for those big games, Dads are there to assure you that taking part is the biggest victory of all.

They Embarrass Us (But We Love Them For It)

Dance moves, corny jokes and questionable fashion choices, Dads know how to pull out all the stops when it comes to embarrassing us. While it may be a secret feeling, these things are what make them so exceptional.


Tell your Dad how much he means to you this Father’s Day!

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