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The Mother of all Holidays

Mammy, mum, mom, mam, or ma – no matter what you happen to call yours, there’s an important day approaching! March 27th is Mother’s Day here in Ireland; an occasion to celebrate your nearest and dearest and let them know just how much you care.

Of course, it’s not merely about saluting the woman who gave birth to you, but about all of those who’ve played a mothering role in life. It could be an aunt or a grandmother, a sister or a family friend, or even a boss who’s been a nurturing presence as you developed into the person you are today: all of the “other mothers”, if you will! Indeed, that’s far closer to the original meaning of the holiday – which brings us to a history that might surprise you…


Through the Years

While many people might believe that celebrating Mother’s Day is a thoroughly modern development, that’s actually not entirely true. The holiday’s roots can be traced all the way back to the Middle Ages, when Mothering Sunday would see people return to their ‘mother church’, meaning the church in which they were baptised. It was observed on Laetare Sunday, or the fourth Sunday of Lent – which is the reason why March 27th is the key date this year.

Needless to say, not everything has stayed the same; in fact, the custom rather fell out of fashion for a time. But when Anna Jarvis began the tradition of Mother’s Day in the United States, a revival was headed on this side of the Atlantic by Constance Penswick Smith, who drew upon the centuries of tradition when re-establishing the holiday in the UK in 1913.

Smith’s efforts also included a broader definition of the day than biological life-givers; her writings called attention to the church, the ‘Mothers of Earthly Homes’, and the ‘Gifts of Mother Earth’. That’s a large part of the reason why Mother’s Day is really a day for all – and why, whether you’re celebrating the most important women in your life or celebrating the wonders of nature, there’s no wrong way to do it!

All around the world

By now, there may well be readers outside of Ireland frantically checking their calendars, wondering how on earth Mother’s Day crept up on them so quickly. The reality, of course, is that Mother’s Day is marked at different times of year in different parts of the world.

In the United States, Canada, New Zealand – and, really, most of the rest of the planet! – the tradition is marked on the second Sunday of May. There are a host of nations where the occasion coincides with International Women’s Day on March 8th, while others still choose the last Sunday in May; many Swedes will tell you that they celebrate later than most to allow the weather to get a little bit nicer! Norwegians pull out the stops in February, while in Argentina it’s not until October that they observe the holiday.

The methods of celebrating are pretty varied too, from lavish feasts and elaborate cakes to self-penned poems and home-made decorations. Carnations are the flowers most readily associated with the day in many countries, though Aussies prefer chrysanthemums – and it’s not just because they’ve got ‘mum’ in the name!

There’s one thing that’s for certain, though; no matter when it’s celebrated, and no matter how it’s celebrated, just about every place on the planet recognises the importance of Mother’s Day, and make it a priority to take the time to honour some of the most prominent people in their lives.


Make it Special

What all of that means, of course, is that when it comes to celebrating this special day, the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s a sweet treat to show your affection, pampering products just made for rest and relaxation, or gorgeous jewellery to say thanks with a little sparkle, there’s bound to be a perfect gift for the special someone you’re shopping for this year. Stunning knitwear, handcrafted homeware, the list goes on; for every wonderful woman worth celebrating, there’s a great gift to match.

And if you’re spending the day at a distance, we’ve got you covered there too; with free shipping on orders over €49, you can ensure your love reaches across oceans in time for Mother’s Day!


If you want to make it extra-special, then personalisation is a fantastic option. At Carrolls, our engraving services are available on a wide range of products, from wine glasses to watches and coasters to cutting boards. After all, we know just how important the personal touch can be – especially when it comes to the closest, most personal relationships you’ve got!

So no matter who you’re celebrating, where they might be, and what gift will mean it’s a day they’ll never forget, be sure to make this year’s Mother’s Day a special one.

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