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Meet the Maker – The Moher Soap co.

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Handmade & Natural Skincare

They are a natural Irish skincare company from the West of Ireland based beside the Cliffs of Moher. Their range of products includes handmade soap, body scrubs, body moisturisers, lip balms, bath salts and a selection of gift sets.

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meet raquel ruido

Both myself and my husband have ‘working hands’. For years we both had trouble with dry and broken skin as a result of repeated hand washing with commercially produced soap. I slowly came around to the idea of making soap myself, using only natural ingredients, at home in my kitchen. With the discovery that I could make use of the properties derived from the flowers and herbs that grow in our garden, I quickly became fascinated with the world of soapmaking.

Falling back on my scientific training and time spent working in laboratories, I gradually built up an understanding of how various natural ingredients interact to influence the properties of soap. Over time I came up with a few products that I thought really worked and decided to see if other people loved using them as much as we did.

With a strong personal interest in packaging I started researching how best to present my soap to the world and fell in love with the idea of wrapping the soap in fabric, a material that people could reuse to make other things with, themselves. This zero-waste ethos carried forward into homemade wooden moulds and cutters, the aluminium tins, glass jars and organza gift bags that you will find with the rest of my range today and the handmade, upcycled stands used to display them.

Living within a few minutes of the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare and referencing my husband’s love of surfing below these otherworldly cliffs at Aileen’s, I chose to call my project ‘The Moher Soap Co.’

Raquel Ruido

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As one of Ireland’s leading natural homemade soap companies, The Moher Soap Co. started with a simple goal in mind, to make and produce sensitive skin friendly products.

They use the best of natural ingredients to bring you something that the big companies won’t. With cruelty free homemade products, we promise that your skin will be left feeling soft and nourished.

When They first began making soap they sourced much of what they needed from their garden and the stunning beaches of County Clare. Ever tried their bath salts or Irish seaweed soap? Well, the seaweed for these is sourced quite literally, down the road from us in Quilty, from a great local business called Wild Irish Seaweed.

Since their little home business began to thrive, they outgrew their garden though friends do still drop round lavender and mint from their gardens from time to time. As they expanded, they began sourcing from Irish suppliers, mainly in Co. Wicklow with the exception of their olive oil that comes directly from a local supplier in Spain.

All of their ingredients are ethically sourced, and are certified as such. Ingredients such as our cocoa butter, and other botanicals, are certified organic.

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Burren Soap (1)
Lavender Soap

Cleanse, moisturise and soothe your skin with our all-natural handmade soap crafted from plant oils and butters, pure essential oils, herbs and spices.

All soap recipes have been specifically developed to produce a mild and skin-nourishing product that offers a long-lasting lather and leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and radiantly healthy.


Since ancient times people have immersed themselves in warm water to relax, refresh, rejuvenate and heal. A mix of mineral-rich salts blended with pure essential oils and botanicals, enhance the natural healing and soothing effects of that warm bath.


A Soap and a Scrub all in one to help ease the morning rush without having to compromise on taking care of your skin. Choose between a zesty Poppy Seed Scrub or a warming Coffee Scrub.


Lips lack the protective outer layer and oil glands present in the rest of our skin, leaving them at the mercy of the elements. Their recipes are designed to work around this, with beeswax offering protection and each blend of oils formulated to provide soothing and moisturising qualities.

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