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How to Store a Sweater to Last

Here are some useful tips on storing sweaters in both on- and off-seasons so they remain in perfect condition.

How to Store a Sweater to Make Sure It Lasts

Yes, it is winter. We all are feeling the cold and are getting our sweaters out to feel cozy. Aran Irish sweaters are something which should be carefully taken care of in order to increase their longevity. From washing to folding to storage conditions, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to how to organize your sweaters. So here are some useful tips on storing sweaters in both on- and off-seasons so they remain in perfect condition.

1. Declutter your closet 

Before storing your sweaters, you should have already planned where you are going to store them. But if your closet is already overly cluttered, your Aran sweaters won’t stay perfect for long. Take the time to have a much-needed clear out before storing your new sweaters.


2. Folding your sweater correctly is the key

Folding is an art and you have to master that art to keep your Aran wool sweaters in good condition. Folding is the best way to store your wool sweaters which helps them to keep their shape and prevent any wrinkles.

Fold your sweaters by following these simple steps:

  • Lay your sweater down flat
  • Start by folding one sleeve across the back of the sweater. The sleeve should lie flat, parallel to the upper edge of the sweater.
  • Fold the other sleeve in the same manner, so it lies flat next to the first folded sleeve.
  • Fold the bottom hem of the sweater up toward the neckline, so the sweater is folded in half horizontally. The sleeves should be neatly tucked inside the fold.

3. Be careful when hanging!

It should be noted that your Aran Irish sweaters don’t deserve to be hanged! They should ideally be folded and stored. If your sweater is a light knit, it may be hung on a wooden hanger, but never hang your woolen sweaters on cheap wire hangers.

4. Use the filing method 

Filing wool sweaters in the drawer is the perfect alternative to hanging. This filing method
allows us to easily pick the sweater when needed and also avoids damaging it. One thing to
consider while placing your clothes into the drawer is that they shouldn’t be stacked on top of
one another. They should be placed vertically, which gives your drawer more space and

Enjoy the winter season and stay cozy!


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