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Celebrity Aran

The Aran Sweater. . . and why it’s a favourite among celebrities

A brief history of Aran (Irish: Geansaí Áran)

Named after the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, the Aran Sweater was originally worn by the islanders who farmed the land and fished the wild Atlantic waters. They were born out of necessity to protect them from the cold, harsh winters (And maybe the occasional wet Irish summer too). 

Aran sweaters were designed to withstand these elements as the unwashed and untreated yarn made from sheep’s wool retains its natural lanolin making it waterproof (Hence why you never see a sheep with an umbrella). 

The stitches are often representative of age-old family patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation. As our highstreets become dominated with fast fashion, it’s clear to see why so many celebrities are adding these timeless, versatile and beautiful pieces to their wardrobes.    

Check out our top 5 famous faces of the Aran Sweater:

Grace Kelly

It all started when this Hollywood icon who became a princess appeared on the cover of Vogue in the 1950s wearing a beautiful cream roll neck. 

Steve McQueen

Pictured in the film The Thomas Crown affair, Steve McQueen wore a vintage cream Aran Sweater with cable and braided stitching which brought the Aran Sweater to a new audience in the 1960’s.

Taylor Swift 

The Iconic Taylor Swift released her album Folklore in 2020, the title and the beautiful roll neck with traditional diamond and cable stitching that  she wore for the photoshoot was a show of simplicity and authenticity.

Chris Evans

In 2019, Chris Evans wore a distressed crew-neck cable knit Aran Jumper in the movie Knifes Out. The film received a bunch of award nominations including best motion picture (Goden Globes), but it was Aran Sweater that caught the attention so much so that official Knifes Out twitter account changed its handle to Chris Evans Sweater Stan Account.

Marilyn Monroe

Arguably one of the world’s most enduring iconic figures wowed viewers by appearing in an oversized Aran Irish Sweater in the film ‘Lets Make Love’ in the 1960’s. 

Some of the stats who didn’t make the cut Elvis Presley, The Clancy Brothers on the Ed Sullivan Show, Harry Styles, and most recently Adam Driver in House of Gucci. 

The Aran Hollywood credentials are well established as we wait for its next big outing.

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