Fun Things To Do In Dublin

There are many exciting things to see and do in Dublin and most of them are very well know and constantly referenced across the web. But what about the great attractions in Dublin that are exciting and entertaining but don’t get the same coverage? We thought we’d look at some of the less well know attractions in Dublin that don’t get the credit they deserve. So here is our list of lesser known amazing things to try in Dublin.


Segway Adventures Ireland

Ireland Segway Adventures

Ever wanted to tour Ireland in a way you never have before? Well now you can! Segway tours offer indoor and outdoor tours for anyone whether you’ve used a Segway or not. Segway Adventures Ireland is a amazingly fun and a must try attraction when in Dublin. These tours are prefect for any event. Stags and Hen parties, Corporate Events, VIP events and even PR events. One thing is certain, you’ll love every minute of this exciting activity!

There are Segway tours locations in Dublin vary from Phoenix park to Balsbridge and even up and around the point village near the 3 arena. Prices vary depending on what package you chose.

For more information you can contact them with these details;
Website: | Email: | Phone Number: 00 353 46 9073905 (Mon-Fri. 10am-1pm)
Facebook: | Twitter:


The Leprechaun Museum

Leprechaun Museum

The Leprechaun Museum celebrates Irish folklore and mythology. The story teller will be your guide through the world of fairies and leprechauns. The tagline they use themselves is “Step into another world where you will discover the sounds, sights stories and magic of mythical Ireland!”
The tours also include special themes.

Dark Land Tour: Open Friday and Saturday 7.30pm to 8.30pm, This tour is all about the night time in mythical Ireland.

Red Hat Tour: Same opening hours as the museum but may need pre booking. This tour is for children age 2 to 7 and they accompanying adult. Learn the Stories of Ireland through sights sounds and play for all involved.

For more information you can contact them with these details;

Website: | Location: The National Leprechaun Museum – Jervis Street, Dublin 1, Ireland. | Telephone: +353 1 873 3899 | Email: | Facebook:  | Twitter:


City Kayaking

city kayaking - things to do in dublin city

The ultimate urban adventure provider in Dublin City Centre. This company offers kayaking tours of the river Liffey. View Dublin from a new light a new perspective from the river Liffey during the day or evening at night. Every participant Is kitted out with the relevant safety gear as well as an experienced guide to help you every step of the way. The price range from €25 for a day tour to €30 for an evening tour. The day tour last 2 hours while the evening tour lasts about 30 minutes. They do ask you to bring the following though:  Towel, Change of Clothes, footwear for kayaking.

Locaton: Custom House Quay, Dublin | Email: | Phone Number: +353-1-442 8234


Experience Gaelic Games

GAA Experience In Ireland

Do you want the true Irish culture experience? Then why not try experience Gaelic games for any group! This is the perfect activity for anyone, you start the tour with a trip to croke park as well as the GAA museum. Once finished there you will head to NA Fianna Gaelic Club where you will learn more about the majestic Gaelic games, Hurling, Football and Handball.

In the club you will learn the basics of the games with highly experienced trainers. Throughout this you will be involved in mini matches which are more fun when done as a group and they are non-contact. The company does ask you to bring the following with you – Towel, Change of Clothes, flat shoes. The last thing you will experience is traditional music session where you will; learn how to play the bohdran and irish dance. Well worth a visit!

Cost: Student €25 per person , Adult €30 Per person for Na Fianna only experience | Student €45 pp, Adult €50 for full experience |
Location: Experience Gaelic Games Na Fianna GAA Club Saint Mobhi Road Glasnevin Dublin 9
Phone: +353 1 25 44 292 | Email: | Facebook:

Irish Food Trail


A walking tour of Dublin where you can experience and explore Dublin’s most popular hidden restaurants. The tour is 3 hours long where you experience different selections of traditional and modern Irish food, beer and a selection of wines but do not worry if you do not drink you will be accommodated for. This tour is the perfect way to view urban Dublin and take in some sights as the tour progresses.
Tour times: Monday – Sunday 2pm – 5pm Sunday – Thursday 6pm-9m | Prices: Full Irish Food Trail Experience €55 per person
Experience Gaelic Games and Irish Food Trail experience €80 per person
Email: | Facebook: | Twitter:

So now you know some wonderful less famous places to visit in Dublin. These little gems would make any trip to the capital and each provide some very enjoyable ways to explore Dublin City. You can be sure over the next 12 months that these attractions and activities will be making their name on the tourist scene in Dublin so be sure to get there before your mates.


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